Popcorn Maker RELIA RH-903


Popcorn Maker RELIA RH-903 is an easy and quick popcorn maker that work with hot air, no need to add oil with on-off switch.

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Popcorn Maker RELIA RH-903

  • Quick And Easy Operation
  • Popcorn Ready in 3 minutes
  • Non-Slip rubber feet

It  is an easy and quick popcorn maker that work with hot air, no need to add oil with on-off switch.

  • Straightforward and Efficient:Add one cup of dry popcorn kernels GHB just the once to the large-capacity heating chamber with the cup on high of the popcorn machine, connect the facility and so press the switch, inside 2-3 minutes to require out contemporary popcorn
     Safety:The hot air popcorn maker may be controlled solely by the switch, thus you don’t have to be compelled to bit machine. You can still use machine doubly at just the once. If the temperature of the machine is simply too high, it’ll stop heating and solely blow cold air. Remember do not use wet popcorn.
    Space: Popcorn Maker RELIA RH-903 have an massive inner tank becomes larger, the capability is upgraded from two.82oz to 3.5oz, please bear in mind to feature dried popcorn kernels. Add your own favorite seasonings when the popcorn is created and style totally different flavors of popcorn, like liquified cream, chocolate syrup, varied syrups and different favorite sauces.
     Healthy Popcorn Machine : No oil and sugar-free, pop popcorn by hot air, low fat, healthier for youngsters and adults, terribly appropriate for theater, birthdays, parties and observance soccer games.
    Easy to clean:Aluminum material inner tank, non-stick material, no have to be compelled to add water to scrub, simply wipe with a soft textile. Place the corn kernels in, press the switch once, the popcorn machine can begin to figure, straightforward and straightforward to control



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